Training Dates and Application Forms 2022

Applications for Basic EMDR trainings. All online for 2022

Applications for Basic EMDR trainings is a 2 part process.
  1. The Application Form with demographic details, qualifications and clinical experience is first completed. We will confirm within 5 working days whether you meet the eligibility criteria. We may need to ask for further information from you if we are unclear. 
  2. Once we have accepted your application, we will send you the link for registration and payment. When you have paid, your place on the training course is confirmed. You will then be given access to preparatory reading material for the training workshop.

EMDR Institute Part 1 Basic Training 

We are not hosting any further Part 1 trainings this year. 

EMDR Basic Training Part 2

17-19 October 2022. Places currently reserved for those who attended EMDR Part 1 Training 11-13 April 2022.

To register, login with your Part 1 training password

Registrations for clinicians who have completed other Part 1 trainings will open in August.

There are no Advanced Supervision Groups arranged at the moment. 

Please contact us if you are interested in attending one.