Training Dates 2024

Basic EMDR Trainings 2024

For 2024, Dr Tom Flewett will only be offering EMDR Therapy Trainings through Otago University

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We are proud to be offering Aotearoa New Zealand’s first University-based postgraduate training in EMDR Therapy. It comprises:

In 2024 – Special Topic 1: Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (PSME455)

PSME455 is a 30-point paper studied part-time over one year. It covers the internationally recognised EMDR Therapy Basic Training curriculum (Parts 1 & 2), with some expansion of the topics and with increased contact time for the lectures and practicums. Taught through flexible distance learning, the recorded live interactive lectures can be watched repeatedly as and when suits you. The PSME455 course will include online lectures plus two block courses of 2 and a half days each, held in Wellington. It will use a cyclical teaching approach with theory informing practice and practice informing theory.

PSME455 paper information page

EMDR Special Topics One – Block One 25th-27th March 2024  &  Block Two 31st Jul, 1st-2nd August 2024. The block courses will be held in Wellington.

In 2024 – Special Topic 2: Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing

PSME 456 is is a 30-point paper studied part-time over one year. It covers advanced EMDR Therapy including its application in complex PTSD and additional conditions including EMDR 2.0, addictions, attachment trauma, depression, chronic pain, dissociation, recent traumatic events such as earthquakes, group EMDR Therapy and advanced EMDR Therapy for children. It builds on the EMDR Therapy Special Topic 1 training to ensure mental health practitioners are upskilled in EMDR Therapy for an array of complex problems and to work towards Accredited Practitioner status in EMDR Therapy. 

ELIGIBILITY for Special Topic 2. PSME455 or completion of an EMDR Therapy Basic Training accredited by EMDRNZ are pre-requisites for Special Topic 2.

PSME456 Information page       

EMDR Special Topics Two – Block One 3rd-5th April 2024 &  Block Two 7th-9th August 2024. The block course will be held in Wellington.

Note that the stand-alone Special topic papers can be credited to a qualification at a later stage.

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