Basic and Advanced Case Consultation

Introduction. This applies to EMDR Institute Training only. 

Supervision/ Case Consultation for Otago University Special Topics 1 and 2 is integrated into each course. 

An integral component of the EMDR Institute Therapy Training is the follow-up Case Consultation with any Institute Accredited Case Consultant/facilitator. In New Zealand, if you have completed your Institute training with a trainer other than Tom Flewett, you can still get your case consultation with any of the Accredited Case Consultants/facilitators. A minimum of 5 hours is required after each workshop, both to help consolidate your understanding of what was taught in the workshop and to give you more confidence as you begin to use EMDR therapy with your clients; or after Part 2, as you begin to use it with more complex presentations.

Keeping a record as you progress through the Basic Training:

There are 2 forms that need to be completed:  An Evaluation and Consultation Sign-off Form for Part 1 and for Part 2 and a Log Form for hours of EMDR therapy  undertaken. You will be given a hard copy of both of these forms at your training and also receive electronic copies 1 week, 1 month and 3 months after your training. If you lose these, click on the links in this paragraph or just send us an email to and we'll send you some more. The instructions explaining how to complete these forms are here:  Instructions for Log and Case Consultation Forms

It is your responsibility to ensure these forms are completed, scanned and emailed back to the trainer who will be taking or who has taken your Part 2 training.

Evaluation and Consultation Sign-off Form

This form is completed in collaboration with your Case Consultant (or consultants, if you have used more than one).

Once completed and signed by both of you, please scan and email the form and your log back to your Part 2 trainer . 

Your Part 2 trainer has the responsibility of issuing you with your Certificate of Completion of Basic Training once you have completed all the requirements of Case Consultation and completed your Log Form.

If your consultation was conducted through Skype, please fill in the dates and times of consultation as you go to keep a record, and after the final session, scan and send it to your consultant who can sign all sessions in one go, and then scan and return it to you.

Keep a log of your clinical hours using EMDR Therapy: a short note of date, time spent (phases 1-8), and content of the session. This form will help you keep track as you work towards your 30-35 hours.