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Case Consultants in New Zealand.

 Organising your Case Consultation

There are 7 EMDR Institute accredited case consultants (who are also facilitators) in New Zealand including Tom and Astrid who are also EMDR Institute Trainers. Their contact details are below and on the EMDR Association of NZ website .  

Dates and venues for group sessions are advertised and updated regularly, and all consultants also do individual and Zoom/Skype sessions. You can also use accredited overseas EMDR Institute Consultants.

Group sessions are economical and can provide exposure to a variety of cases and scenarios. Group case consultation over 1 day fulfils the requirements for your 5 hours.  Individual sessions, whether face to face or via Zoom/Skype, focus more specifically on your personal requirements and level of experience. 


There are 9 accredited EMDR Institute Facilitator/Case Consultants in New Zealand:

Dr Tom Flewett - send an email to if you would like Case Consultation with him. 

Astrid Katzur, Clinical Psychologist. Email:             Phone: 0211573494                   Webpage:

Ranka Margetic-Sosa, Psychotherapist. Email:   Phone:  02102738509

Amber Davies. Email: Phone: 021 535 688

Martina Messenzehl. Phone 0210678603

MaryAnn Stevens, Clinical Psychologist. email:               Phone:  021585849

Dr Tal Moore, Clinical Psychologist. email:                   Phone:  0224996530 

Dr. Glenda Wallace, Clinical Psychologist. Email:                     Phone: 0212092675

Irene Begg, Counsellor email:          Ph: 0273493536   or 07 3493535                Webpage:

EMDR Institute Facilitator/Case Consultants in Australia offering Zoom sessions for NZ trainees:

Dr Gillian Maddock, Clinical Psychologist. Email:

We all offer Individual, Zoom/Skype and group case consultation. You need to contact each of us separately for our rates.   Astrid, Ranka, MaryAnn and Tom are based in Wellington, Tal is in Taranaki, Glenda in Dunedin and Irene is based in Whakatane,

Please contact individual consultants to inquire if they are able to run a group in your area.

If you have undertaken Institute based training, you may of course get your case consultation from Institute Accredited consultants anywhere in the world. In the past, some New Zealanders have taken advantage of this and have had Zoom/Skype case consultation from consultants in Australia and the USA.